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Straight screwed fittings, nuts and screws are made of drawn steel 9SMn Pb28K (11 109), the shaped fittings of the forged pieces of steel of the quality 11 109. The parts of the quick couplers that are subject to thermal processing are made of the steel C 45 (12 050).
The inserts for the PA tubes of the air distribution systems are made of brass.
The covering powder protectors for the quick couplers are made of softened polyethylene, bralene or rubber.

Sealing materials:
„O“ rings and E-shaped rings for the sealing surface:
For the NBR serial production of the Shore A hardness ca. 90, temperature range from - 30°C to 100°C
Upon request:
ELASTOSIL silicon rubber of the SHORE A hardness ca. 70, temperature range from - 50°C to 200°C, or FPM elastomer of the Shore hardness of about 80 - 90, temperature range from -20°C to 180°C.

Surface finish:
The surfaces of all the screwed fittings and quick couplers are cold galvanised and passivated with yellow chromate.
As per the wish of the customer, other types of the surface finish can be employed (bonderising, blackening).

For a good and reliable connection of the hydraulic mountings by means of cut-in rings, we recommend to employ precise seamless steel tubes according to DIN 2391, the material St 37.4.

The screwed fittings are produced in three pressure lines – LL – the light ones, for tube diameters of 6-8 mm for the pressures up to 10 MPa, L – the medium ones, for tube diameters of 6-42 mm for the pressures of 50, 40 and 25 MPa, and S – the heavy-duty ones, for tube diameters of 6-38 mm and the pressures of 80, 63 and 40 MPa. When choosing the elements to be used in the hydraulic circuits, it is necessary to take into account the type of the load.
A special attention must be paid to the conditions including a considerable heating of the medium and to pressure shocks.

The execution of all the basic fitting elements shown in the catalogue complies with the German DIN Standards. Moreover, we also indicate the substitutes of the executions complying with the ČSN Standards, which are employed in our country still, and do not have their equivalents in the German Standards. In particular, it concerns the connecting thread M 10×1 for the tube diameters 4 and 5 mm, the connecting thread M22×1,5 for the tube diameter 16 mm, the connecting thread M27×1,5 for the tube diameter 18 mm, and the connecting thread M 30×1,5 for the tube diameter 22 mm. In the catalogue, the said elements are marked with the symbol 1), and we do not recommend to employ them when designing new equipment. The quick couplers ISO comply with the Standard ISO 7241.1. The basic parameters of the quick couplers ISO 12,5 have been subject to tests, and they meet the requirements of the Standard ISO 7241, section 2.

The way of ordering and delivery terms:
To make the execution of your order as simple as possible, we recommend you to use the ordering numbers or the names given in the catalogue.
CAUTION!! The products with the ordering numbers printed in bold are included in the standard offer. In case no ordering number is given in the catalogue, or it is printed in thin figures, the product is not included in the standard offer. In some cases, we are able to deliver you such products if so agreed mutually. The standard products can be obtained immediately withdrawing them from our delivery warehouse personally, or within 7 days after the receipt of an order. In urgent case, the goods can be delivered within 24 hours. The goods are delivered by mail or by another delivery service, according to the agreement with the customer.

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