This function is for people authorized to enter iBYZNYS and to use its services according to set access rights. (viz.PROFIL).


AUTHORIZATION - Registration
The basic information about company or person are to be inserted. These data are used by the system. Proper registration is necessary for utilizing of all functions of e-shop. Please fill the whole form correctly. Entries marked with * are required.

The company address has always to be inserted in confomity with valid Trade Certificate or with the list of trade register. Password must contain at least 6 characters, without diacritics and spaces. Capitals and small letters ARE taken in account. You will use this password to access e-shop (together with the Username, which will be generated by the system and sent to your e-mail address).

The verification of submitted information will follow after sending required registration entries.

If there is a missing or incorrect entry, you will be returned on the registration page and you will be informed about error in fulfilled form. If the registration is correct, it will be possible to login to e-shop.

You may edit any information in this part. You may insert or delete the delivery addresses, which differ from the company's seat. You might also add or delete the contact subjects or subjects authorized to access e-shop. The rights of different users can be also edited here.


This option will be always the last action when using e-shop.


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